Music, My Diary


San Lorenzo

The consequences of Friday’s (always Friday) strike, was that I had to go to Milan pretty early, which of course meant window shopping one of the most dangerous occupations that exist!

I decided to walk from Duomo to  Largo Mahler where the Milan Auditorium stands and I’m glad I did because it was a lovely mild Autumn evening and I went by  some interesting buildings. I love Le Colonne di San Lorenzo because it’s where people gather before going off for their evening out, so there is a special quality of excitement and expectation in the air.

This week we had a concert which grouped the music around the theme of water: Smetana’s Moldova, Britten’s Four Sea Interludes from “Peter Grimes” and Zemlinsky’s Die Seejungfrau. I quote from the programme: “Water as symbol  of a nation and its culture, water as keeper of memories and pain, water as a fabled universe inhabited by magic creatures!” A great evening.

My Diary, Seasons


We are having a wonderful October here in Northern Italy. I KNOW I’m supposed to say it’s unseasonably  hot, worry about global warming and so on…but I just want to let up for a moment or two and enjoy the sun, the garden sounds and smells. We never seem to be” in the moment”. I’m not going to go all new-age on you but sometimes it’s necessary to be here , now. And today I am. I’m very tired, a hard-working day yesterday saw to that, but being tired means feeling ,listening, being….good enough for me thanks!


Time flies

Oh dear, it’s Friday already and I still haven’t told you about this week’s music!

Last Friday I was too tired to drag myself down (up?) to Milan but when I saw we had Haydn (Funeral symphony) and Rossini’s Stabat Mater….well you can be tired any time you want, but a concert is a concert!

And on Tuesday we saw “La finta Giardiniera” by Mozart at La Scala. A good week for music, and Mozart has this happiness-effect on me! I’ll give you a few details later. Has anyone else been to see it?

Teaching English

Falling in love!

Every time I start a lesson with a new class…’s like falling in love! It’s so exciting to walk into that room and see the expectant faces! And I KNOW what they are thinking. “Will this be the time I really manage to get to grips with this language,?”