Music, My Diary


The consequences of Friday's (always Friday) strike, was that I had to go to Milan pretty early, which of course meant window shopping one of the most dangerous occupations that exist! I decided to walk from Duomo to  Largo Mahler where the Milan Auditorium stands and I'm glad I did because it was a lovely… Continue reading Strike!

My Diary, Seasons


We are having a wonderful October here in Northern Italy. I KNOW I'm supposed to say it's unseasonably  hot, worry about global warming and so on...but I just want to let up for a moment or two and enjoy the sun, the garden sounds and smells. We never seem to be" in the moment". I'm… Continue reading October


Time flies

Oh dear, it's Friday already and I still haven't told you about this week's music! Last Friday I was too tired to drag myself down (up?) to Milan but when I saw we had Haydn (Funeral symphony) and Rossini's Stabat Mater....well you can be tired any time you want, but a concert is a concert!… Continue reading Time flies

Teaching English

Falling in love!

Every time I start a lesson with a new's like falling in love! It's so exciting to walk into that room and see the expectant faces! And I KNOW what they are thinking. "Will this be the time I really manage to get to grips with this language,?"



Today I went to Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo to the annual flower kermesse that is Orticolario. It was a lovely day, just warm enough with a fresh breeze off the lake. There were plenty of exhibitors including foreign ones ; I saw several French and a Belgian stand and some new entries, one  of which… Continue reading Orticolario

The English

Good Morning!

Today it really is a good morning! Two days ago we had a miserable day, very cold, drizzling rain, a really grey day. Your immediate reaction is "No, I'm not READY for winter yet". Ready or not, when it comes it'll come! I remember being on holiday once in the Maldive islands and the thought… Continue reading Good Morning!