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Cambridge University Botanic Gardens

Every time I go back home I go to the Botanic Gardens. A wonderful place beautifully laid out: you know it's a Botanic garden because of all the labelling, but it's also a park which people have loved so much that they've left money in their wills for benches for present users. It's laid out… Continue reading Cambridge University Botanic Gardens


Not home yet!

Well in the last post I was still hovering over la douce France .... and finally I'm in Italy. What a wonderfully varied patchwork that is!  It's like the  contour models  we had at school showing mountains and deep cleft valleys, green and white. I love to see the snowy caps or the steep-sided mountains… Continue reading Not home yet!


Leaving home/Coming home

I had been very careful choosing my seat, if you like looking out of the plane window I think the best is probably row 10/window. And the day was wonderful! The few clouds were lower than us and made patterns on the landscape or we played peek-a -boo through the gaps in the clouds, Absolutely… Continue reading Leaving home/Coming home

My Diary, Trip

Train tripper

I love trains. So yesterday we spent getting on and off trains all round East Anglia. Lovely flat land as far as the eye can see. And the English countryside! And the cloudscapes! Green green green! There's also a lot of water because we were on the edge of the Norfolk Broads where a lot… Continue reading Train tripper

My Diary, Trip


I went by bus to Cambridge (the company is called Stagecoach and comfortwise it's about as comfortable as a real stagecoach might have been) It takes me right into the town centre next to some of my favourite shops, and honestly it's so hot here that I didn't want to go traipsing about for too… Continue reading Cambridge