Late Friday afternoon I was invited to go and see some paintings, which I liked .I wish art were more accessible for everyone, there are some pieces you'd like to live with. I'm not a big fan of artyfarty "art talk" because I think it keeps people away. There were several artists there; it's always… Continue reading Vernissage

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Lighten up!

After my last post, I really think we need to lighten up, what say you? There's lightness in the night air here in Lesmo. After maybe 3/4 years' wait, one of my Brugmanias has flowered. Champagne occasion! I bought 3 of them from Hayloft's remembering the 3 beautiful trees (then called Datura in my old… Continue reading Lighten up!

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Die Tote Stadt

This is the latest opera I saw at La Scala. Although the music was not difficult to understand on a very superficial level, I had a good deal of trouble tying to unravel the meaning of the story. Based on a short novel written in 1892, Korngold has transformed it into a foray into symbolist… Continue reading Die Tote Stadt

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The Royal Hospital, Chelsea At the end of May I took my annual trip to the Chelsea Flower Show and it was wonderful as always. I go on a Saturday because that is the day the coach trip is organised, but when I asked around, most people said that it is pretty crowded on the… Continue reading Chelsea