More music!

Wednesday evening I went to Milan Auditorium to hear a very interesting concert; but I got more than I bargained for! First we heard Grieg's suite no.1 op.46 da Peer Gynt. It's a piece everyone knows and loves, particularly the descriptive "morning" shimmering like sunrays on water! After the interval Dvorak's Number 9 commonly known… Continue reading More music!

Teaching English

At long last!

This is my first video recording and it's just a taste of what we'll do in our conversation lessons. Lessons? More correctly I'd say practice. "Teacher talk" is very useful of course, it helps you get the rythyms of the language, so different from your own, but it's far more important for most people to… Continue reading At long last!


La Scala

Last night I went to La Scala to see Ali Baba, an accademy production. Actually a kind of glorified end-of-term show! It wasn't particularly good to tell the truth and I think most of the applause came from fond relations, but there again, everyone has to start somewhere. Cherubini's less-than-spectacular music didn't help either. I… Continue reading La Scala



Yesterday evening I went to the Milan Auditorium for the first concert of the season.  It was wonderful to be back, sitting in a comfortable seat, soft low lights and enveloped by great music. I've never really liked c.d's  always preferring old-fashioned vinyl and I'm really happy it seems to be making a come-back. Maybe… Continue reading Music

Teaching English

Busy Day

Well, today will be a really busy day. This evening I am giving the presentation of the courses for the next academic year 2018/2019, and it's really exciting. Seeing old students who just come to say hello and keep in touch and meeting new people, prospective learners who are trying to make up their minds… Continue reading Busy Day

Teaching English


Well, this evening I decided to make my first recording! It's not actually my first because I have been practising, but it's the first that I have saved. I'll publish it and then we'll see if anyone feels like having a conversation with me, because, as I've said before, this is the main stumbling block… Continue reading Recording

Teaching English


Goodness me! I didn't realise just how much time had passed since I last wrote! This time of the year is pretty busy, setting up work, planning lessons, reading all I can get my hands on in order to work better. It's so exciting!


Autumn’s coming.

I guess we are starting to think about Autumn although most of us still have at least one foot still back in the holidays. We were smarter, fitter and maybe even happier then weren't we? And as far as I can make out, Autumn fashion is colluding with the approaching season to dampen our spirits. Blacks,  greys,… Continue reading Autumn’s coming.

My Diary

Rainy evening adventures!

I guess it's not really an adventure at all, just something new for me. I had a video conversation with an Instagrammer in India. The connection was poor so there was a lot of repetition "What was that?" "What did you say?" but it was nice to try. Although there is a lot of discussion… Continue reading Rainy evening adventures!