Autumn’s coming.

I guess we are starting to think about Autumn although most of us still have at least one foot still back in the holidays. We were smarter, fitter and maybe even happier then weren’t we? And as far asIMG-20180918-WA0003 I can make out, Autumn fashion is colluding with the approaching season to dampen our spirits. Blacks,  greys, hey , that’s for mourning, not for encouraging us to leap headlong into our new season self! I don’t feel in the mood for understated elegance! I feel in the mood for eye-opening primary colours. I want to have to put my sunglasses back on because you are all wowing me with your bright , even clashing colours! And what about neon? Some neon hairsteaks would be nice. We’ve got all winter to be understated and elegant, let’s rip now!