Teaching English

At long last!

This is my first video recording and it’s just a taste of what we’ll do in our conversation lessons. Lessons? More correctly I’d say practice. “Teacher talk” is very useful of course, it helps you get the rythyms of the language, so different from your own, but it’s far more important for most people to get a little practice. So, how about it?


Teaching English


dronefotogrammetria-840x480Yes, it’s got a whole load of meanings, not just male bees or bombs-on-presidents!

I used to tease my uni students by “droning” on like them…finishing with “amen” just to make them realise, with a laugh, how boring they were. Drone means to speak in a flat, boring, way, losing your listeners’ interest on the way!

Teaching English

Pronunciation problems


I always find it very embarrassing when I tell my students that they need to speak well. The reason? I’ve been in Italy for a long ,long time and I still speak like Stan Laurel!

ButĀ the point is this: People canĀ understand me because Italian is a pretty straightforward language to speak, whereas if you don’t get English pronunciation right, you’ll be misunderstood, AND, what is worse, you’ll have difficulty understanding others.