What IS your problem?

One of the main problems with learning English, is, I believe, a weird idea that you can speak and write it in Italian! What I mean to say, is that people think, if they do actually think about it , that it's enough to use Italian grammar systems, translation ( Google and Reverso and all… Continue reading What IS your problem?



https://videopress.com/v/zSK9D3Jt?preloadContent=metadata This is really weird! My students seem to like the sound of my voice and I do too I must admit, so added to the fact that I love poetry and find there's always a moment in the day that reminds me of a line or two.........the other day I went for a walk… Continue reading TIZ-WOZ!



We British are obsessed with the weather. Of course. It's exciting, variable from minute-to- minute because it's an ever-changing kaleidoscope. I remember calling my cousin and asking if predictions were good for my summer holiday in England. "Well", he said " we had summer last week on Wednesday afternoon". Here in Italy we don't actually… Continue reading Weather


Wakey wakey! Absolutely not “woke”

When you think about it isn't it wonderful. The way you gradually come out from that longing for hot heavy food and drink and emerge like a newborn into a world of salad and fresh- picked fruit? Suddenly the snug scarf round your neck and up to your nose can be shed and you come… Continue reading Wakey wakey! Absolutely not “woke”

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But I always thought we ENGLISH invented roses….

Yes, well along with everything else worthwhile: cricket, all dressed in white on the village green, bucolic!; afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches (no crusts) and scones with raspberry jam and whipped cream; a proper breakfast with cholesterol-busting bacon, eggs beans, hash browns, fried bread; the weather with information on the best places to experience it… Continue reading But I always thought we ENGLISH invented roses….