Small and delicate or big and blowsy?

That's a difficult choice for a gardener. Naturally you want your visitors to gasp with admiration but unfortunately they do that in front of the huge blooms of Hibiscus. I still can't fathom why I bought it in the first place? A moment of madness I suppose. Every year I decide to get rid of… Continue reading Small and delicate or big and blowsy?

Gardening, My Diary


Well, the first time I went out to inspect my garden this morning I found to my irritation, no, much more than irritation actually, I was angry and disgusted because I found the kitchen waste buried deeply after much heavy spade work huffing and puffing yesterday, had been unearthed! I bury the kitchen scraps in… Continue reading BAD NEWS TURNS TO GOOD


Approaching Heaven

No no, I don't mean I'm moribund, I simply mean that today I've decided not to read any news, not to read any social networks, switch off the anxiety promoters, the fake news pundits.......and go outside. I struggled to undress my heavy teak armchair fom its winter storage and dragged it into a sunny spot… Continue reading Approaching Heaven