Kew Gardens

Dreams do actually come true! I've been wanting to go to Kew gardens all my life, and heaven knows why I hadn't managed to get there before. My cousin and I decided to make the journey by train, we changed twice, very quickly and easily, then took what is called the Overground. I don't need… Continue reading Kew Gardens


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

We decided to go trainriding which is something I really love.Trains are so comfortable compared with cars and they give you the wonderful opportunity to look into people's back gardens! You can also get a round ticket and stay on a train all day, without spending a fortune, although it must be said that tickets… Continue reading Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

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Eyes Wide Open

My mother told me that when I was a baby I hated going to sleep. She also said that when I was a toddler and was supposed to have a little nap, she would find me asleep yes, but sitting up in my pram and with my fingers trying to hold open my eyes! And… Continue reading Eyes Wide Open


Bolle, zolle e corolle (Bubbles, Clods and Petals)

I Decided to give Franciacorte a try. It was lovely driving through the vineyards, and although I am one of the lucky ones of this world and have never been hungry, the feeling of comfort and happiness when you see well-tended fields must be an atavic pleasure.... Parking was a bit of a problem, but… Continue reading Bolle, zolle e corolle (Bubbles, Clods and Petals)

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Villa Carlotta

Who cares about a spot of rain? Well certainly not the fearless Garden Club members! We all crowded onto the ferry and sat on the few (nearly) dry seats to admire the loveliness of lake Como wreathed in the mists. We arrived at Villa Carlotta, one of the Grandi Giardini Italiani, to be greeted by… Continue reading Villa Carlotta

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An unusual,old fashioned and almost forgotten pleasure!

I have some beautiful brown leather brogues, bought years ago when we were not as animal-friendly as we are today, and paid for in lire! I think they make me look very English and I can assure you that gardening shows are the only place left to flaunt one's Englishness with pride! So after several… Continue reading An unusual,old fashioned and almost forgotten pleasure!

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A Tragi-comic Story with an Unexpected Happy Ending.

I have a young olive tree in my garden; I bought it from a seller with a truck along the roadside, not much hope there I' m afraid. I have no idea what it really is, I mean the botanical classification but anyway it's a kind of homage to Italy because together with those lovely… Continue reading A Tragi-comic Story with an Unexpected Happy Ending.


Anteprima of Spring

Spring IS coming again this year, my garden told me so. We are having magnificent weather, bright and sunny, several drops in night-time temperatures but milder than last year. I have all this interesting information because I keep an R.H.S 5-year diary, fantastic invention. You can check what you're likely to see , what's early,… Continue reading Anteprima of Spring