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The unexpected side effects of the Luganega di Monza!

Well here's a turn-up for the books! On Sunday I went to see a demonstration of how they make Luganega, a typical Brianzola sausage which has been rescued from oblivion by the butcher ViganĂ². We all sat with our chairs facing the stage to watch how it is done. Lean pork, bacon, Grana Padano cheese,… Continue reading The unexpected side effects of the Luganega di Monza!


Garden Blues

No, no, not those kind of blues! Quite the opposite in fact. At the very beginning of the year the tiny irises appeared, as they always do, surprisingly. You walk round the garden and there's nothing there; the very next day these miniature navy blue flowers are startlingly open. Next in line, well no, not… Continue reading Garden Blues


Wicca’s Diary, 10.

No intention whatsoever of being a Scrooge but I'm thoroughly fed up with you humans and your festivities. Just life isn't good enough for you is it? At least this year my human didn't have a houseful of noisy people trying to coax me out of my hiding place under the bed, They think they… Continue reading Wicca’s Diary, 10.


A Triumphant New Year!

We read about all about the bad things multiple times a day, so I'm going to suggest something good. Ready to get down on your knees and dirty your nail extensions? It's going to be chilly I warn you and after about 20 minutes your fingers are going to fall off! But........on the first of… Continue reading A Triumphant New Year!


Masino,the one I love the most?

I couldn't go on Friday as I had some lessons and the weather forecast was pretty grim anyway.Today's journey too began under dark forbidding clouds but at the same time with that special golden light you often get with thunder-grey skies. After a pleasant journey I arrived right outside the gates and entered to try… Continue reading Masino,the one I love the most?

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Verde Grazzano, again

This is a small but rather interesting garden event, I think this was its fifth year. Probably just a little bit too small but it does have the added attraction of the "medieval" village all around the castle with shops that sell everything from lavander sachets to salame, and of course some good restaurants specialising… Continue reading Verde Grazzano, again


Kew Gardens

Dreams do actually come true! I've been wanting to go to Kew gardens all my life, and heaven knows why I hadn't managed to get there before. My cousin and I decided to make the journey by train, we changed twice, very quickly and easily, then took what is called the Overground. I don't need… Continue reading Kew Gardens


Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

We decided to go trainriding which is something I really love.Trains are so comfortable compared with cars and they give you the wonderful opportunity to look into people's back gardens! You can also get a round ticket and stay on a train all day, without spending a fortune, although it must be said that tickets… Continue reading Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

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Eyes Wide Open

My mother told me that when I was a baby I hated going to sleep. She also said that when I was a toddler and was supposed to have a little nap, she would find me asleep yes, but sitting up in my pram and with my fingers trying to hold open my eyes! And… Continue reading Eyes Wide Open


Bolle, zolle e corolle (Bubbles, Clods and Petals)

I Decided to give Franciacorte a try. It was lovely driving through the vineyards, and although I am one of the lucky ones of this world and have never been hungry, the feeling of comfort and happiness when you see well-tended fields must be an atavic pleasure.... Parking was a bit of a problem, but… Continue reading Bolle, zolle e corolle (Bubbles, Clods and Petals)