What shall I be when I grow up?

Unrelentingly perky, Doris Day used to sing a song called "che sarĂ , sarĂ ". I hated it because it's not my kind of music and anyway I had this idea that what will be will be.....what I want it to be .Total exclusion of fate, good luck, destiny and so on! Yet here we are, in… Continue reading What shall I be when I grow up?


Macbeth at La Scala

We finally made it. At long last we got our season tickets from la Scala and were looking forward to Macbeth with childish enthusiasm. Then? A strike, yes a full- blown nationwide transport strike. (Weeping and gnashing of teeth) Sometimes you just don't luck out! We were not even sure about the day either but… Continue reading Macbeth at La Scala

My Diary

In Praise of Masks

Let's take a look at the tradition of masking. The Venetians were big in this field as carnival time was a moment in all Europe to upset traditional hierarchies even for a day, but was particularly keenly felt in Venice where social hierarchies were extremely rigid. Masks had a practical purpose, that of secrecy, but… Continue reading In Praise of Masks

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Last garden outing? Surely not

The latest outing was planned and organised by the Garden Club of Monza, not as well-attended as it should have been unfortunately. And the weather ...... awful ,after a wonderful week of sun, anyhow we went up to ..... the nursery Anna Peyron. We had been there before, in fact it's where I first got… Continue reading Last garden outing? Surely not

Wicca's Diary

Wicca’s Diary 8

She's a dear woman and we get on like a house on fire .She writes too much though, I've literally had to jump onto the keyboard and prance on it until she lets me get a look in at the blog. Something very strange has happened; it seems to me that there is less light… Continue reading Wicca’s Diary 8

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Perhaps my Favourite Garden Show

This year I made the usual trip to the castle of Masino, a FAI property and pretty interesting if you like castles. All around in the ample gardens they hold the" 3 days for the garden " shows in conjunction with the Italian FAI (a kind of National Trust organisation).For members the entry price is… Continue reading Perhaps my Favourite Garden Show


Garden shows, Autumn and the rest.

I mostly ask around but nine times out of ten, I have to go alone because no one is very enthusiastic. Can you believe it? They'd rather stay at home to clean the house? You're kidding! Off late and anxious, no early rising for me. I'll go when I'm ready, mustn't stress out on a… Continue reading Garden shows, Autumn and the rest.


Wicca’s Diary 7: Bad Girl?

I'm not quite sure if I've been bad or good! Certainly my poor human isn't happy. That terrible yellow, white and tortoishell cat (what a stupid colour combo, everyone knows that only Black is Beautiful) thinks she can come here and take her place in my human's heart! She actually got into my house while… Continue reading Wicca’s Diary 7: Bad Girl?


Any time’s a good time to start again!

I imagine you thought you'd got rid of me for! I just had a very long break .Autumn's here bringing with it the season of flower shows; it is one of the most interesting times in the gardening year actually. Even Chelsea has made an unprecedented decision , fans can't wait any longer and… Continue reading Any time’s a good time to start again!


Wicca’s Diary 6

She does something she calls reading. It's extremely boring because it's just made up of black strokes and they don't even move! (I know they have some moving pictures on that screen she works with) but I have found out that if I put my paw in front of her eyes she has to stop… Continue reading Wicca’s Diary 6