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Eyes Wide Open

My mother told me that when I was a baby I hated going to sleep. She also said that when I was a toddler and was supposed to have a little nap, she would find me asleep yes, but sitting up in my pram and with my fingers trying to hold open my eyes! And I’m still none too keen on sleep, I guess I’m a night owl. Sleep is such a waste of time. And so, eyes wide open.

It’s amazing the pleasure you can garner by just driving a little more slowly, traffic permitting and maybe even losing your way. I went to have an asthma checkup the other day, tiny hospital not many patients so the doctor had a bit more time to do what old-fashioned doctors used to do before we’d all become numbers, have a chat. On the way home I passed by a huge sign announcing a bonsai exhibition so I parked and found out that it was at the weeke I asked for enlightenment from a lady who was so surprised she didn’t seem sure of what to do so she photocopied hers for me.

My supper the evening before had been absolutely disgusting: pasta e fagioli from the supermarket ,frozen. I’ve rarely eaten such awful stuff so I decided I needed a treat. I found a nice little restaurant, quiet no background music, good menu and pleasant waiters. Just the right combo of helpfulness without being too friendly. And after lunch on the way back to the car I saw the park gates standing open. Need I tell you I went in? Overwhelmed by the green. The park was beautifully laid out giving the trees their growing room and they had grown beautifully into their natural shapes, most were enormous. On the way out there was a statue, Neptune giving a horse to Athena by Aligi Sassu. And that’s only the morning! So as I began writing this, keep your eyes open! You never know what’s coming your way!

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