Teaching English

The joys of Teaching!

One of the many delights of teaching is when your students suddenly start formulating their own theories on learning, particulary if they are notions which you had been trying to get across to them perhaps even  months ago.

This happened to me yesterday when one of my students who has always hated anything that approaches “book learning” and is only interested in making himself understood and understanding others. What he said was this; the important thing for him is to learn words which are pertinent to his situation and which can be used frequently. He is of course right. It’s what we all try to teach. Whenever I stray from the straight and narrow and come up with some wild, unusual word, I always tell them that they have a choice about whether or not to learn it.

And although I sincerely believe that in workplace contexts we need to be as “to the point” as possible and to highlight  opportunities for multiple use, I also believe that a student should be able to learn something he probably won’t use again for years but which has piqued his curiosity.

Teaching English

Falling in love!

Every time I start a lesson with a new class…..it’s like falling in love! It’s so exciting to walk into that room and see the expectant faces! And I KNOW what they are thinking. “Will this be the time I really manage to get to grips with this language,?”

Teaching English

At long last!

This is my first video recording and it’s just a taste of what we’ll do in our conversation lessons. Lessons? More correctly I’d say practice. “Teacher talk” is very useful of course, it helps you get the rythyms of the language, so different from your own, but it’s far more important for most people to get a little practice. So, how about it?


Teaching English

Busy Day

Well, today will be a really busy day. This evening I am giving the presentation of the courses for the next academic year 2018/2019, and it’s really exciting. Seeing old students who just come to say hello and keep in touch and meeting new people, prospective learners who are trying to make up their minds about joining us.

What I love is the buzz of excitement, starting anew; and it always IS a new beginning, however many times you have taught the basics. The enthusiasm of your new learners fires you up and fills you with that get-up-and-go feeling that will last through most of the year.

I am an enthusiastic teacher, energy-driven, and I need to be because a lot of people come to their lessons after a hard day’s work. Learning must be something that makes them feel better about their lesson, their day, and ultimately, about themselves.