Teaching English


Well, this evening I decided to make my first recording! It’s not actually my first because I have been practising, but it’s the first that I have saved. I’ll publish it and then we’ll see if anyone feels like having a conversation with me, because, as I’ve said before, this is the main stumbling block for people who are learning English. Or, more particularly those who already know the language but are unable to practise it.

My advice to students  has always been to talk to themselves. You know, a running commentary on what you’re doing: “Ah, home at last after a long day’s work. Let’s see if there’s anything to nibble while I get changed out of my work clothes. What? nothing in the fridge? Noooo! I haven’t got the energy to get to the supermarket. Is there ANYTHING I can use to rustle up a supper?”

Or , you could make an audio diary instead of  a written one. Looking back on your day, lingering over the things that made you happy perhaps? Or you could read a poem to yourself, experimenting with ways of reading it?

Or, and even better, you can converse with me.Why not?

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