Other Plagues

This is not the first time obviously, nor will it be the last so let me remind you that epidemics have always been a potent inspiration for interesting and sometimes great, art. Let's start with my least favourite in this moment. Daniel Defoe's "Journal of the Plague Year" published in 1772 but purporting to be… Continue reading Other Plagues


A bit of love, a bit of breath, a bit of peace

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA I think the first big thing we can all do, for the community, as well as for ourselves, is stop vomiting those really nasty thoughts and judgmental spew on the internet. There is no fighting, there are no bombs, no ethnic cleansing, so get your act together. Our grandfathers went to… Continue reading A bit of love, a bit of breath, a bit of peace

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The Best of times, the Worst of times…

I'm quoting Dickens from memory so I might be wrong. I believe they are the first few lines of "A Tale of Two Cities". So,in this period, I guess we're learning a lot, I think we'll have lost some of our fascination with social media by the time this is all over. Honestly, just how… Continue reading The Best of times, the Worst of times…

My Diary


I have a bit of a problem. My worms. I buy them regularly at the garden exhibitions I go to and they reward me with a wonderful soft friable soil. I must admit that the first time I bought FIVE EUROS of worms and the man said: "Remember to feed them" I was shocked. "I've… Continue reading Conundrum

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Come rain or shine

Let's start with the rain. A really cold, heavy rain driven by a blustery wind, managed to invade the usually safe haven of my patio and wet all my precious seed packets! I'd got stuff in envelopes saved from my own garden, little brown paper packets from the RHS gardens (these contained the more unusual… Continue reading Come rain or shine


Head over heels in love

How a very ordinary day becomes extra- special. I've been thinking about this for a long time now....why am I so often really happy? I've got all kinds of aches and pains, I work hard, I'm getting old (well you are too), I'm nowhere near rich. Yet often I'm ridiculously happy. It's waking up in… Continue reading Head over heels in love