A bit of love, a bit of breath, a bit of peace


I think the first big thing we can all do, for the community, as well as for ourselves, is stop vomiting those really nasty thoughts and judgmental spew on the internet. There is no fighting, there are no bombs, no ethnic cleansing, so get your act together. Our grandfathers went to war and almost certain death, here, in the uncertainty, we’re playing roulette and fate is totally blind unlike justice systems so not just the rich, the powerful, the beautiful are going to be saved, so suck it up! What have we then? well, time. Time to spend with our families, time for the kids, quality me-time (and when do you EVER get that?) Time to read, to listen to music, to study (try a Future Learn course to take your mind off things) And even on the balcony if you’re lucky enough to have one you’ll notice you can breathe better because Greta’s wish is suddenly becoming true! So be calm for a while, see what that does for your (fashionable topic) mental health. And you are free of the incessant noise we are daily subjected to. I once read an interesting insight from Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh concerning noise pollution. He said that being immersed in noise noise noise as we are, coming from all directions is like living in a house with the windows always open. Everything flies in! Dirt dust dead leaves and insects, filth…. So what about a few deep breaths. I won’t call it meditation because that smacks of the sixties and hippydom, rather update it to mindfulness. Counting and concentrating your breaths is a great tranquilliser, just that, no funny stuff. It’ll help.

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