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Can you really write about nothing? Daft question because people are doing it all the time nowadays. I could probably write a paragraph about its synonyms! Naught, nil, nix, zero, scratch, nul ,fuck-all...... My second idea for a title was"disappointment". What does that mean? You've dissed your appointments? I'd been looking forward to Friday like… Continue reading Nothing!

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Grazzano Visconti

Last Sunday, Monza Garden Club went to Grazzano Visconti for a plant show. It was held in the grounds of the castle, a medieval structure built by Giovanni Anguissola in 1395 for his wife Beatrice Visconti and it is still in the hands of the Visconti family . It looks very much as you would… Continue reading Grazzano Visconti

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Orticolario and good intentions

In Monza parking tariffs were awful as usual and train information was obscure. in fact we mysteriously paid a different price to go from the one we paid to come back. bst The journey is always a pleasure, but we arrived in Como, not Como lake or Como San Giovanni which we had asked for… Continue reading Orticolario and good intentions

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There was an important international event at Crespi Bonsai Parabiago. I like to decide on things at the last minute which of course is great for me, but I need to get my head round the fact that not everyone is as free and available as I am, so sometimes it's difficult to find company.… Continue reading Bonsai