My Diary


Can you really write about nothing? Daft question because people are doing it all the time nowadays. I could probably write a paragraph about its synonyms! Naught, nil, nix, zero, scratch, nul ,fuck-all…… My second idea for a title was”disappointment”. What does that mean? You’ve dissed your appointments?

I’d been looking forward to Friday like a kid waiting for Christmas…no,really. In the morning I was going, on the only marginally decent day of this weekend as far as weather is concerned, to one of my favourite, oft -visited places: Masino. Obligatory twice a year, even if the journey would have cost me the earth but then again I really love that motorway! It’s never too busy and the blacktop makes you slide over it, a lovely drive!; then in the evening I was to go to hear my dream musician Jordi Savall in concert. My friends and I are Savall-groupies, wev’e followed him to many of his concerts in the North of Italy. I should have realised it was all too good to be true.

What happened? Horrible belly-churning ,suicide- suggesting, godawful sickness! You’re not going anywhere, you’re going to stay at home, starving, parched, shivering and desperate without even the energy to dream of what you’re missing!