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I have a bit of a problem. My worms. I buy them regularly at the garden exhibitions I go to and they reward me with a wonderful soft friable soil. I must admit that the first time I bought FIVE EUROS of worms and the man said: “Remember to feed them” I was shocked. “I’ve never fed my worms!”

“Well you should”. So I crept out in the dead of night so the neighbours didn’t see me and think I was a cranky old lady, dug a hole for the household waste ,and another for my wrigglers….and I’ve never looked back!

Until recently. A couple of rather cheeky blackbirds and their missuses have taken up reisidence. They swoop down anywhere I move the earth and steal my precious “soil improvers”.They ignore the bird seed I bought for them! But they are so beautiful, so shiny black and glossy with their bright yellow beaks and their song. The thieves at least serenade me! Unfortunately I have a recurring problem with slugs in the garden but I’m frightened to put down slug pellets in case the birds eat them .If there are any gardeners out there….please help what shall I do?

1 thought on “Conundrum”

  1. I remember going with you to a garden fair and couldn’t believe that you were going to buy worms for your garden. Never heard of such thing. I thought everyone had more than enough worms in their gardens!
    Sweet sound of blackbirds but I must admit I can do without them at 5am in springtime in the trees outside my bedroom window.


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