My Diary

Rainy evening adventures!

I guess it’s not really an adventure at all, just something new for me. I had a video conversation with an Instagrammer in India. The connection was poor so there was a lot of repetition “What was that?” “What did you say?” but it was nice to try.

Although there is a lot of discussion about how the Internet and modern means of communication are killing off real interaction, I really don’t feel that at all. I don’t think you ever need to feel lonely! There’s always someone one click away!

rainy evening.jpg

It’s evening and nice and quiet. We had a heavy downfall of rain this evening so there isĀ  no noisy football practice, and the continuous flights of helicopters taking Formula One drivers to MONZA race track have long stopped.

It’s a pity it’s raining because there were a lot of things to do in the towns nearby. But I have to say that I love the rain. Our English rain is so different from Italian rain. Lighter, and in shorter bursts.