A Triumphant New Year!

We read about all about the bad things multiple times a day, so I’m going to suggest something good.

Ready to get down on your knees and dirty your nail extensions? It’s going to be chilly I warn you and after about 20 minutes your fingers are going to fall off! But……..on the first of January 2023, I have 3 roses in my garden.

How did that happen? TLC? I have multiple winter clematis sprawling, snaking, blooming anywhere they can get a hold.

In the far corner behind the edgeworthia which will pretty soon make breathing a treat, I have a starscape of yellow winter jasmine. It was supposed to be a waterfall but my neighbour who must’ve misinterpreted my intentions as territorial, cut the long shoots off. Talking of shoots, I’m still on my knees but now on my hands and knees crawling into the space I’ve made under the big shrubs (Osmanthus) to find? I believe they might be snowdrops but not being a galantophile, I ‘m not sure

Lastly there is the mysterious stretch full of love-in-a- mist waiting to burst into bloom. This gardener’s year has started well.


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