Garden shows, Autumn and the rest.

I mostly ask around but nine times out of ten, I have to go alone because no one is very enthusiastic. Can you believe it? They'd rather stay at home to clean the house? You're kidding! Off late and anxious, no early rising for me. I'll go when I'm ready, mustn't stress out on a… Continue reading Garden shows, Autumn and the rest.


Wicca’s Diary 7: Bad Girl?

I'm not quite sure if I've been bad or good! Certainly my poor human isn't happy. That terrible yellow, white and tortoishell cat (what a stupid colour combo, everyone knows that only Black is Beautiful) thinks she can come here and take her place in my human's heart! She actually got into my house while… Continue reading Wicca’s Diary 7: Bad Girl?


Any time’s a good time to start again!

I imagine you thought you'd got rid of me for! I just had a very long break .Autumn's here bringing with it the season of flower shows; it is one of the most interesting times in the gardening year actually. Even Chelsea has made an unprecedented decision , fans can't wait any longer and… Continue reading Any time’s a good time to start again!


Wicca’s Diary 6

She does something she calls reading. It's extremely boring because it's just made up of black strokes and they don't even move! (I know they have some moving pictures on that screen she works with) but I have found out that if I put my paw in front of her eyes she has to stop… Continue reading Wicca’s Diary 6

Gardening, My Diary

Maigold (Requiem)

I just had to write a post about this gorgeous rose. It's the first to flower every year although if it were true to its name it wouldn't bloom until May. What has it to recommend itself? Well it's a danger for the unwary, the thorns are cruel and I shouldn't really have planted it… Continue reading Maigold (Requiem)


Wicca’s diary 5 (Wicca Lacerticida)

dav_vivi My turn again. maybe I'll open a page just for me. Well I've had all my jabs, I've been protected against fleas, lice and all the parasites you can name, she's bought me a collar with an easy-opening fastener should I get hooked up in a tree, as well as my name and telephone… Continue reading Wicca’s diary 5 (Wicca Lacerticida)


Trying to English garden…..

Well there's really not a load of exciting things happening in my newly locked-down life, same for you I suppose. English lessons proceed apace the one cheerful spot of the day. However it is Spring and Spring means that everything lying buried under the soil is making its way upwards, breathing the air at last.… Continue reading Trying to English garden…..


Wicca’s diary 4

I have to give it to her, she does try. Mind you my opinion of humans is not really very high as you know. And have you seen how they treat dogs? We've got an enormous dopey dog living next door. It lollops about, no elegance, no grace ,it slobbers, and how it barks! Sometimes… Continue reading Wicca’s diary 4


Mr. SaclĂ , watch your back

I have one olive tree in my garden, planted near to the rose pergola. It has been pruned by me on advice and multiple photos to a friend in Sardinia, into an open vase shape. So I was extremely proud of it when in its first year it bore a couple of olives, yes two,… Continue reading Mr. SaclĂ , watch your back


Wicca’s Diary 3

My human is a bit slow. It has taken me nearly 2 whole months to teach her that I would like her to come when I call. In the morning I'd quite like to share her cereal but she only leaves me the tiniest portion in her bowl. Never mind. She understands about feeding me… Continue reading Wicca’s Diary 3