Wicca”s diary 9

I underestimated my human; she does go hunting but she has a different technique from mine. Instead of sitting patiently for hours, watching she goes away and then she comes back home with plenty of stuff in brightly coloured bags. And mostly chooses wisely although she does get a lot of fruit. The only fruit I like is in a little tin mixed with tuna, it’s called tonnetto and papaya, very exotic!

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Patrolling. I’m on the look-out for the 2 enemy cats who infiltrate my garden. I have only had one serious fight, but the piebald cat scratched and bit MY human quite badly so now I’m a bit wary……. I keep up the spitting, hissing and and growling though.

They’re bigger than me but I doubt if they have my fighting genes. While I am putting on muscle mass and building myself up to really fight them, I’m practising my finer skills on anything that moves in the garden.”Scorched earth” policy she calls it .

I try to make her understand through gestures. Surely it’s obvious if I stand in front of the French windows that I want to go out? I wait a little while to see if she’ll catch on but if she doesn’t I can actually make a sound like “out”! I’m also learning to eat my food with my paws. I really enjoy pulling it out of my bowl and spreading it on the floor.

Now, a little bit of “soft Science” for my fans: according to the journal of Comparative Psychology, cats display Dominance, Impulsiveness, Neuroticism exactly the same as seen in African Lions.

WiccaThought of the day: if you were descended from lions would you obey someone descended from monkeys?

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