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A Little Bit of Unpretentious Heaven.

What do you generally do on a Saturday morning? The weekly wash? Make a shopping list? Do some housework? Obviously. So do I, albeit with a total lack of the right kind of enthusiasm. But this morning it was a gorgeous sunny day and I’m never one to look a gift horse in the mouth if you see what I mean! So I decided, all those other things can wait. I went out to sit ,no, not sit boldly and efficiently upright as I do for my online classes, it was more a very relaxed loll. I have a carefully placed armchair with an unlovely cushion, but the cat sits there too so I can’t use my smart cream ones, and decided that if I really need an excuse I could always say I’m getting my free ration of vitamin D. I wore a very old cashmere sweater which is threadbare but which I can’t bear to throw away it’s really comfy. The sun was so warm I really luxuriated in it. The cat briefly jumped onto my shoulder and butted me and purred while I drank a scandalous MORNING g & t! I sat so close to my beloved sarcococca that I was virtually inside it! It’s a dear little shrub, easy to grow, well-behaved, it propagates itself and has a gorgeous, pervasive perfume. It is also good for the bees who have been longing to get outside to stretch their wings and have some fresh food.

As you can see in the pics I still haven’t bought that elegant little inside-outside table I so badly want. Instead I used a planter because the bulbs haven’t started sprouting yet. I also used the wrong kind of glass because it has to balance on the chair arm and I’m a little careless when I’m reading. At the moment a particulary curious detective by an author I don’t know but it comes highly recommended by The Times. So, not the lap of luxury you’re thinking? And I think you’re wrong. Put those all together and you could really make your peace with the world, at least for an hour or two. Go outside and relax now!

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