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The unexpected side effects of the Luganega di Monza!

Well here’s a turn-up for the books! On Sunday I went to see a demonstration of how they make Luganega, a typical Brianzola sausage which has been rescued from oblivion by the butcher Viganò. We all sat with our chairs facing the stage to watch how it is done. Lean pork, bacon, Grana Padano cheese, la concia (salt, pepper, nutmeg and the inevitable “secret” ingredients), dry white Marsala and tepid broth. The tube of the machine is washed down with sparkling water to help the minced meat slip down, and a long tube of veal intestine added to the spout from which the mixture emerges slowly. It’s pale and pink and shiny. We were then offered a taste of the raw sausage and it was incredibly good, almost sweet I found.

Swivel your chairs guys because at the other end of the room the oenologist Paolo is waiting to treat us to a tasting of 2 wines (Bonarda and another red) from a newish cellar, mmmmm. After all that learning we needed refuelling. Two gentleman- cooks had been busy making risotto con la luganega. Risotto with 3 chunks of sausage separately cooked and a ladle of delicious gravy on top. Honestly? the best risotto I have ever tasted and apparently too, the rice comes from a kind of “rice jeweller” Cascina Canta near Novara.

Ah yes, the side effects! That night I slept like a log , no more of your miserable 4 or 5 hours and ritual scolding from my Huawei watch, but congratulations on having slept eight and a half blissful hours. So may I encourage you yo eat more luganega?

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