Approaching Heaven

No no, I don’t mean I’m moribund, I simply mean that today I’ve decided not to read any news, not to read any social networks, switch off the anxiety promoters, the fake news pundits…….and go outside. I struggled to undress my heavy teak armchair fom its winter storage and dragged it into a sunny spot in my garden. Beside me the happy smell of winter pansies flowering like mad in this wonderful Spring, behind me but present due to the strong familiar scent, my pale cream hyacinths together with some late daffodils and in front of me my overgrown-but-who-cares pergola where I glimpsed the very first rose. Tiny lemon yellow not fragrant but oh-so-welcome.

Remembering J.Alfred Prufrock “I grow old, I grow old I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled” (you see you can’t really live without poetry can you?) So I diligently rolled my trousers up to my knees, put on a sleeveless t-shirt, my Burmese straw hat and, Bob’s your uncle, ready to relax in the sun. But really relaxed you know, when your breathing slows down, your eyes are sharper to see the bees, the insects and your ears hear nature. What a lot of birdsong in my garden! So my wish for you all today is simply this, chuck out all your shit and start making worthwhile memories for yourself. There is still in spite of everything so much to love, to be grateful for. You’re still going to die, hopefully as late as possible and at a ripe old age instead of because of this pestilential CV, but the only solution to that problem is never to have been born. So, choose living in full every day listening looking smelling breathing and the only decluttering or spring cleaning you really need to do is to ditch the trash in your mind and leave room for the real stuff.

5 thoughts on “Approaching Heaven”

  1. I envy you your little piece of Paradise but am taking advantage of my balcony to enjoy the wonderful sunshine and the quiet, almost empty streets in these surreal times and listening to the birds in the trees chirping away happily.


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