This is really weird! My students seem to like the sound of my voice and I do too I must admit, so added to the fact that I love poetry and find there’s always a moment in the day that reminds me of a line or two………the other day I went for a walk in the meadows behind my flat and at a certain point I came across a fork in the grass where it had been trodden by someone who had been there earlier than me. “The road not taken” came to mind and I went home,looked it up, and recorded it. I thought it sounded ok and I had a good picture so I asked my techie young friend Davide to overlay the pic with the words and my reading. I was pretty pleased with the result! But my being pleased was hardly enough! So I sent it both to my daughter and my son. Clare’s reaction was immediate and unexpected ” you sound like someone in an erotic call centre” she said ;

Matthew sent me a pic entitled “the pen is on the table” and enunciated the words very carefully like a beginner -learner of English. Now what does that mean? Doesn’t he think my reading is spectacular? So I’m in a bit of a tizwoz (quandry) and I think I’ll let you decide!

2 thoughts on “TIZ-WOZ!”

  1. Beautifully read, Anne!
    If I could make a request, I’d like you to read ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ by Yeats.


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