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Lighten up!

After my last post, I really think we need to lighten up, what say you? There’s lightness in the night air here in Lesmo. After maybe 3/4 years’ wait, one of my Brugmanias has flowered. Champagne occasion! I bought 3 of them from Hayloft’s remembering the 3 beautiful trees (then called Datura in my old allotment). The offer was a set of three all different colours although I only wanted the white one. They were sent in plastic test tubes and have been lovingly nurtured for the last 3 years. (I’m probaby a better mum to my plants than I ever was to my kids!) Anyway, it decided to flower… creamy, no it’s going to be yellow! Wait til the evening though until it releases that delicate ethereal scent! It’s white! so I loll on my patio and contemplate it…if a double white Brugmansia doesn’t take you to nirvana ….nothing will. Just contemplate, just breathe…

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Die Tote Stadt

This is the latest opera I saw at La Scala. Although the music was not difficult to understand on a very superficial level, I had a good deal of trouble tying to unravel the meaning of the story. Based on a short novel written in 1892, Korngold has transformed it into a foray into symbolist decadentism. Death cult, doubling and dream sequences make it extremely difficult to understand; clearly I should have read up before going.