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All over bar the shouting!


Christmas comes, Christmas goes, so does the New Year. And do we ever say anything interesting or original about them? Does anyone? No, just same old , same old.

The usual litany of daft diets, of vows to be healthier , of New Year’s Resolutions to break forthwith.

But, we are having wonderful weather,  frosty mornings with great sunrises, clear,cold sunny days,  and very cold nights causing a lot of worry about those tender plants in the greenhouse. Being at a bit of a loose end yesterday I did some reading up about my plants, and discovered , to my horror, that my wonderful new Digiplexis is TENDER! So although I was already all dolled up for a dinner date with my friends, I dashed out, got my spade and dug up the plant. Dangling earrings,embroidered velvet boots, real leather gloves, what’s going to stop a woman with gardening in her soul?

So keep your fingers crossed please. I do hope I won’t lose it!


Cold and Frosty mornings.

Ivan Generalic
van Generalic. (I don’t know who the copyright belongs to)

My body hates these cold and frosty mornings, it feels stiff and anything but supple! But my eyes don’t. When I look out of the window and see the blackened branches against a lurid sky, I’m reminded of the Yugoslav naifs.My ex loved these paintings so much that I actually painted one for him! Mine was painted against a red sky. We both liked it. Of course it’s easy to copy rather than be creative, shame on me!

Dulmen_hausdulmen_Sonnenaufgang 2015
My Diary, Seasons

The joys of learning!

On Saturday I went to the garden centre to join a group making a Christmas  arrangement. I love doing these things, it’s the one time I feel truly immersed in what I’m doing, in the moment, in the flow.

IMG-20181208-WA0089It’s an ideal situation, losing yourself among the pine needles and cones, deciding if gold is nicer than red, is white Christmassy enough? Oh how I enjoyed myself! All lessons should be like that, complete immersion in what you’re doing!

Keep trying Anne , keep trying to give your language students that quality of engagement.

My Diary, Seasons


We are having a wonderful October here in Northern Italy. I KNOW I’m supposed to say it’s unseasonably  hot, worry about global warming and so on…but I just want to let up for a moment or two and enjoy the sun, the garden sounds and smells. We never seem to be” in the moment”. I’m not going to go all new-age on you but sometimes it’s necessary to be here , now. And today I am. I’m very tired, a hard-working day yesterday saw to that, but being tired means feeling ,listening, being….good enough for me thanks!


Autumn’s coming.

I guess we are starting to think about Autumn although most of us still have at least one foot still back in the holidays. We were smarter, fitter and maybe even happier then weren’t we? And as far asIMG-20180918-WA0003 I can make out, Autumn fashion is colluding with the approaching season to dampen our spirits. Blacks,  greys, hey , that’s for mourning, not for encouraging us to leap headlong into our new season self! I don’t feel in the mood for understated elegance! I feel in the mood for eye-opening primary colours. I want to have to put my sunglasses back on because you are all wowing me with your bright , even clashing colours! And what about neon? Some neon hairsteaks would be nice. We’ve got all winter to be understated and elegant, let’s rip now!