Gardening, My Diary

Beginning again

IMG-20180918-WA0002How do you all feel after the holidays? In a way it’s a bit like New Year isn’t it? We’ve had a rest, or fun, or learnt things and we’ve come back NEW to start our lives all over again.

Did you miss anything? What’s the first thing you look at after you turn the keys in the lock?

Maybe your post? Some good , some bad. No more postcards from friends, we’ve done all that on Instagram. What then? Bills? Invoices? The best things are your subscription magazines  and your packages from Amazon. I got a magazine from the R.H.S. about plants and flowers and a book on practical Botany for gardeners.

So, after your mail, maybe it’s a quick look round the house…I like the look of my OWN bed, I’ll sleep well tonight!

Then, for me, it’s the garden. Overgrown but happy to see me.

And after you have done your Lord /Lady of the manor act, surveying your property, it’s time to start planning your new lifestyle, to maintain your toned ,tanned new body! And to keep on with all the exciting new things you came across during your time off.

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