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All over bar the shouting!


Christmas comes, Christmas goes, so does the New Year. And do we ever say anything interesting or original about them? Does anyone? No, just same old , same old.

The usual litany of daft diets, of vows to be healthier , of New Year’s Resolutions to break forthwith.

But, we are having wonderful weather,  frosty mornings with great sunrises, clear,cold sunny days,  and very cold nights causing a lot of worry about those tender plants in the greenhouse. Being at a bit of a loose end yesterday I did some reading up about my plants, and discovered , to my horror, that my wonderful new Digiplexis is TENDER! So although I was already all dolled up for a dinner date with my friends, I dashed out, got my spade and dug up the plant. Dangling earrings,embroidered velvet boots, real leather gloves, what’s going to stop a woman with gardening in her soul?

So keep your fingers crossed please. I do hope I won’t lose it!

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