Just a little more about the Charterhouse

ozedfcofBefore you go do read up a little because the guide, being a monk is not an art historian. The ground plan is a Latin cross with chapels opening along the aisles; 12 square ones and 2 rectangular ones. As they are decorated by painters of the stature of Perugino, Bergognone, il Morazzone, Procaccini, il… Continue reading Just a little more about the Charterhouse

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The Charterhouse of Pavia.

This time we had our cappuccino and croissant BEFORE buying our rail tickets so the start of the day was not stressful at all. We decided to go via Rogoredo because there are more trains and I was curious to see such an ill- famed place. No one else seemed to be going our way… Continue reading The Charterhouse of Pavia.