My Diary

Nordic Walking

My friend Catherine in a valiant but probably doomed attempt to keep us both fit invited me to go to try nordic walking. Luckily the day we were supposed to try, it rained so we had a week’s grace, Unfortunately the next Sunday we woke up bright and early because we had put the clocks back an hour the night before and woke up to a glorious day.So, there was no avoiding the effort,

We arrived at the gate to find our instructor waiting eagerly for this new batch of enthusiasts. We found a relatively sheltered place to practice. First: walk with your eyes and head straight, look straight ahead of you. Phwew that was easy enough! Round and round in an elliptical circle, I’m not sure a circle can be elliptical but that was the shape.

Second: back straight slightly longer paces and roll your feet. Heel to toe. Well thats not too bad either, do-able.

Next on the rounds again, swing your arms only up to your belly button in front same extension at the back (Yes I know the back swing is difficult for you he says) I ‘m beginning to feel more like a convict in his hour of air by, the minute,do you remember the Van Gogh painting? Well that’s us!

Now he hands out the terrible sticks after adjusting them to our height. This is it, the full monty. We have now abandoned the circle and are walking backwards and forwards in a ragged line.The surrounding broken down buildings are a n eminently suitable backdrop , at least for my broken down attempts. It’s impossible. Everything together, he’s crazy. It’s so hard to co-ordinate all the movements! (I forgot totell you, you have to breathe too)

Then dulcis in fundo, we go for a walk in the park. This “look straight ahead” lark means Isee absolutely nothing, especially the dog poo.! When I do,take an illegal peek round me I see that the park is really beautiful this morning, pristine. It does smell rather strongly of mushrooms though!

Then it was over and the most amazing thing happened.I felt absolutely full of energy, overflowing with energy which lasted all day. And the feeling was so good that the price suddenly didn’t seem too high.