Off the launching pad …at last?

Well as most of you know, my ” followers” are all unofficial. I get lots of mails telling me how they enjoy, grapple with understanding ,have learnt new vocabulary and structures and are always very sweet. Some of you are incredible proof readers too and pick up on all my mistakes! This time I’m particularly pleased because I got complimented on my poetry writing skills (naah), I got requests for lessons (that was one of the original reasons for writing this blog together with giving my students some short bits of English to read. But of course, pretty soon I simply started enjoying writing the blog and the mini-research it entailed). I received some gorgeous green filled pictures on fb and insta and whatsapp of my students’ and ex-students’ holidays and last but not least ( and the prompt to write this) was a youtu vid from my friend Catherine who together with Johnny Cash explain the exact number of Ireland’s greens!

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