Wicca’s diary

Apparently my name is Wicca, although I don’t really know what I have to do with Celtic medicine women as I come from Basilicata after all. But there you have it, humans are difficult to understand for us cats and even worse, my human actually speaks another language, I was used to u putenzese. The very first day I was confused by it all but she sounds soothing when she says “Wicca’s a lovely little kitten” (she actually sounds as if she’s purring) so I purr back at her and she seems pleased, so I guess it’s ok. The journey was terrible, in a van with other containers full of dogs, puppies, cats and kittens. The noise was horrendous and don’t get me started on the smell! I can joke about it now but I was terrified. There were some older animals who said that sometimes humans took animals to be killed and eaten although they weren’t sure that that happens in Italy, another one said they even put other humans in big containers and keep them there to die so you can imagine the terror we breathed in that van!

Anyway we arrived eventually and a lady and young man came to fetch me to take me to a new home and a new human.When we got there I found it easy to hide though because I’m black I think and hid away under the bed. The humans came to look for me with lights but I wasn’t coming out before I was quite sure about these people. My new human seems to have several names, Anne, and the young woman calls her mamma the young man calls her granma andthe people she talks to on her desk call her prof! What’s a kitten to think? Anne speaks to me in an unknown language, it sounds soft and nice like a lullaby but I haven’t a clue to what she means. She doesn’t seem to understand me either so I shout at her and she scurries round and tries everything! Food, water, games, grooming, litter. I think she’ll understand me in the end if I try and do the same things over and over again.

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