Wicca’s Diary 6

She does something she calls reading. It’s extremely boring because it’s just made up of black strokes and they don’t even move! (I know they have some moving pictures on that screen she works with) but I have found out that if I put my paw in front of her eyes she has to stop and look at me. I realise more and more how many defects these poor humans have: I don’t think she can see at night so that’s probably the reason she doesn’t go out, of course I’ve got perfect night vision. She sometimes does go out to take photos of her white flowers at night though, so perhaps it doesn’t depend only on her eyes. She does come out to play in the garden during the day and it’s great fun . While I claw up her pergola she has to go and get a stepladder to reach the top and once she’s there , she ties knots: she sometimes shouts at me because I can pull the knots wide open before she has finished tying them!