Wicca’s Diary 7: Bad Girl?

I’m not quite sure if I’ve been bad or good! Certainly my poor human isn’t happy. That terrible yellow, white and tortoishell cat (what a stupid colour combo, everyone knows that only Black is Beautiful) thinks she can come here and take her place in my human’s heart! She actually got into my house while I was napping! So we had a huge spat with bloodcurdling noises. Of course Anne was terrified and came to try to separate us. ALERT: It’s impossible (and dangerous) to separate fighting cats. She tried to give her a kick but only got a scratched foot for her trouble, so then she decided ,alas stupidly, to pull me off the beast so she could push it outside but the beast scratched and bit her.

She was dripping blood all over the place and I think she was a bit frightened. It’s a pity she stopped the fight because I was winning, we’ve got tufts of white fur all over the place! Hardly any black I’m proud to say. Of course, I’m much smaller than the other neighbourhood cats, mignon you could say, but I have wild genes and I need to make sure no cat invades our garden. A cat’s life is not always an easy one.

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