My Diary

Time to kill.

Today I had to kill time in a rather squallid part of Sesto San Giovanni. An area seemingly lacking in everything except mechanics ,funeral homes and Chinese emporia full of tacky Christmas plastic. I found a spartan bar manned by two ladies (then maybe womanned ?) from Eastern Europe. One of them was having fun practising her English by speaking to all her bewildered customers in an enthusiastic, if broken English. The other one, from Moldavia gave me a little lecture about closed minds, especially Italians and Russians though people from Moldavia are exempt. It’s amazing the amount of information you can glean if you’re willing to listen. Then, still more time to kill I went for a walk to “collect” grafitti. Sesto is full of them and they’re very interesting, even the dying ones. I guess the artists don’t use very high quality paint because some have only been on the walls for ten years or so and they’re already crumbling. Others are beginning to disappear under the vigorous growth of ivy. I’d like to know this; do the artists paint them as a kind of offering to IMPERMANENCE, a kind of Westerners” mandala? or should we be doing something to save them as permanent works of art? If any grafitti artists read this I’d be very pleased to get an answer.

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