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Funny Day

Now you’re probably asking: funny/ strange or funny /haha .Well maybe a bit of both. I decided to have a totally me- day after a very hard week’s work. So hairdresser in the morning, rain, and the yearly Christmas visit to Agribrianza for their mega seasonal spectacular! I don’t know how those poor people stand being bombarded with dreadful Americanised Xmas songs for the whole long season. They’ve also got dog strollers now! I suppose they’ve had too many incidents of dogs trailing tinsel, breaking balls, and might they have eaten the sheep from the Christmas scene? Anyway, this year they can’t because they are now put in one of the aforementioned dog strollers. This also means that petless people won’t trip over their leashes nor be obliged to try and get past the usual little huddle of people paying tribute to…’ve guessed! Not baby Jesus, he’s not there yet any way, but Fido, Bobby or Lola! I really like dogs but the anthropomorphising that goes with them drives me nuts! (I even herard a lady call her dog ” come to mama”.So what does that mean, mama is a bitch?

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