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Funny day: continued.

This evening, still raining. One of my favourite directors, Claus Peter Flor, directing one of my favourite pieces, Beethoven’s Concerto for violin in Re maggiore op.61.This is a mind -blowing classical music experience, one of those which made me decide classical music was my scene. Certain parts of it cause me the Stendhal syndrome, I have trouble breathing, really they take your breath away. A violinist I didn’t know, very impressive from the word go. Dressed all in black, tall with an unusual long black coat à la Paganini? ( Answer to myself: actually Paganini’s coat was a bit shorter, but you get the gist , the drama was there) Whatever you thought about his rather theatrical fashion choices, the moment he started playing, you thought again, a real virtuoso. That he was playing a Guanieri del Gesu 1742 ,was an added bonus.

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