Music, My Diary

Traumatic concert

Well actually it wasn’t really the concert which was traumatic: it was the journey. I started off in very thick fog and I nearly gave up and came home, thinking about the return journey, which would be late and made amongst mad drivers fuelled by god-knows-what, going out to rave.!! Then I decided to risk it. Of course I was pretty late taking the metro. When i got to piazza Duomo, horribly crowded because of Black Friday, i thought I’d better get a taxi, but there were none there, probably full of shoppers with bulging packages. La Rinascente’s basement store seems to be doing well this year, I saw lots of little black shoppers full of kinky kitchen gadgets no doubt. So it had to be the tram. Maybe I’ll just make it. All was going well though I couldn’t see out of the windows; we need a law against breathing in crowded trams. Then it stopped, we waited patiently for the explanation. None came. It did eventually splutter back into life, start again, but of course, too late. I got to an enpty foyer and had to go to the very top floor so as not to disturb people who were already there. I think I missed the first 2/3 minutes . Actually it’s nice up high,OK you can’t see as well but you’re more comfortable with fewer people around you with their coughing, programme-rustling and jewelry clinking. It’s also darker, so it’s very reposing . To be continued

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