Music, My Diary

Traumatic concert,continued..

So we listened to a Chopin piano concerto performed by Boris Petrushansky Rusian-born but naturalized Italian; after the Chopin, Prokoviev’s Cinderella suite, composed for ballet. After the concert, back to the tram stop.There’s a certain ferment there, what’s up? A notice telling us rather tersely that there is no tram but a SUBSTITUTE. The very words strike fear into my heart. The well-informed tell me that the substitute is a bus because the troublesome line that made me late coming has finally given up the ghost and stopped completely. Now they tell us! Panicky, I don’t know Milan by day let alone by night with the usual fogged-up windows! Anyway, I started talking to a very nice couple, rather in a spirit-of-the- blitz style and the lady took me under her wing, told me to follow her, (gratitude to my saviour prevented me from being offended when she mistook my accent for German).The bus took us a very short way, we all piled off at another tram line which happily I remembered and in fact it took us to behind Duomo square. A quick stop to take a pic of the “madonnina” seemingly floating above the Duomo due to the fog, then down to the familiar underground.When I got to

Sesto the fog seemed much the same as before which was perfectly ok, it would probably be worse nearer home, we people who live in the sticks have to contend with bigger better worse weather than the townies! In fact nearer home there were fog banks which are more difficult to navigate, but I got home. I guess what I’m saying is never give up!

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