Wicca’s diary 4

I have to give it to her, she does try. Mind you my opinion of humans is not really very high as you know. And have you seen how they treat dogs? We’ve got an enormous dopey dog living next door. It lollops about, no elegance, no grace ,it slobbers, and how it barks! Sometimes I come into the house because I can’t stand the cacophony it makes but mostly I show myself behind the wire fence just long enough to make it bark, then I run away. That’s a terrific game because its owner then scolds the dog and calls it inside !I suppose that’s mean of me really, but it’s such fun. I’ve been to have some more vaccines and stuff I’m not sure what for but she has a little booklet where the doctors write everything down. She does it for my good I know. I believe we animals are pretty expensive from a sanitary point of view.

Her garden is fantastic, though there are all sorts of flying, humming ,buzzing critters apart from the dog, so there’s a lot of fun to be had. I can’t imagine what she’d do if that big clumsy dog lived with her! I’m very dainty and walk on tiptoe so I don’t think I’ve caused any damage. Mind you she doesn’t always understand. I saw she moved her dvd’s, tidying she calls it, so I’ve started on her books. I don’t think she was very pleased when she found them all over the floor but really, all she has to do do is put them in order and put them away.

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