Trying to English garden…..

Well there’s really not a load of exciting things happening in my newly locked-down life, same for you I suppose. English lessons proceed apace the one cheerful spot of the day. However it is Spring and Spring means that everything lying buried under the soil is making its way upwards, breathing the air at last. There’s a lot of hard work to do in the garden, digging is the worst. I’m also having a lot of difficulty tying in my roses as my big beauty bush is in the way and I really need someone to stand on the other side of it from me to pass me the long shoots which I want to tie in. I also need to buy a pair of leather gauntlets to do my roses with, most of them are old roses so are very prickly. I’ve been moving plants in the hopes that the better places will encourage growth. I generally experiment because they don’t always obey the rules and I like to plant the same one in two different places to see which does better. Gardening is good training for patience I think and probably a metaphor for investment! The narcissus so loved by people who come from Cambridge are bulking up every year so one year you get an array of leaves, the next, with a bit of luck, you get the flowers too. I need a specular border to the path under the rose pergola and I’m thinking tulips though the narcissus are slightly more precocious. Well I met with a weird problem the other day. I went to the chemists to buy some litmus paper because I’d like to try and make my own acidulated water for my acidophiles, but when I got back I found to my horror that these strips were only made to measure your pee! Life of a gardener! But I have to report great success with my Bokashi now the weather’s warmer, I dug it into my beds as a feast for my worm colony (sadly depleted by the damned blackbirds) so, as they say everything in the garden’s lovely!

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