Wicca’s diary 5 (Wicca Lacerticida)

My turn again. maybe I’ll open a page just for me. Well I’ve had all my jabs, I’ve been protected against fleas, lice and all the parasites you can name, she’s bought me a collar with an easy-opening fastener should I get hooked up in a tree, as well as my name and telephone number… I know they work because I’ve already lost two! However why should I stray, there’s a lot to keep me here. So now I go out into her garden, it’s nice really lots of moving grasses and flying things which however high I leap I can’t catch. She says if I get a bee in my mouth, I’ll be done for. I really like my human and I brought her a lovely present the other day. A lizard I caught. She hasn’t eaten it yet and put it outside . I wonder why? Anyway I’ve brought it back in. Perhaps she likes them when they’re a few days dead! Who knows. We have very regular times now. I jump onto her bed in the morning and ask her to tickle my chin and ears and she does. Then again at night I wait for her for more cuddles we sometimes even fall asleep together! Yes I must say I’m very satisfied with this place . 5-stars!

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