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Maigold (Requiem)

I just had to write a post about this gorgeous rose. It’s the first to flower every year although if it were true to its name it wouldn’t bloom until May. What has it to recommend itself? Well it’s a danger for the unwary, the thorns are cruel and I shouldn’t really have planted it so close to the path. It blossoms once and the flowers honestly don’t last very long. But when it does! It’s unbelievable! The orangey yellow flowers somewhere hidden in that wealth of exceptionally healthy dark green foliage, the medium sized blooms that look just as roses should look, and the heavenly smell of yellow roses! I can never quite believe just how breathakingly beautiful it is. Sometimes in its very brief heyday I drag my chair out of an evening and dedicate my efforts and thoughts to……breathing. Bred by Reimer Kordes in Germany in 1953, one of his most famous roses is the white Iceberg.

Requiem: very sad news. My beloved Maigold (see above my paean of praises) has given up! I think the disturbance caused by putting in a new pergola might have damaged its roots because it has received the same amount of TLC as all the others. I am so ,so sorry, I shall wait til Autumn and order at least one more from Kordes. The garden ,like life, gives and takes away……

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