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Funny day: continued.

This evening, still raining. One of my favourite directors, Claus Peter Flor, directing one of my favourite pieces, Beethoven's Concerto for violin in Re maggiore op.61.This is a mind -blowing classical music experience, one of those which made me decide classical music was my scene. Certain parts of it cause me the Stendhal syndrome, I… Continue reading Funny day: continued.

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Giulio Cesare in Egitto ( Julius Caesar in Eygypt)

Monday evening at La Scala they put on a performance of Haendel's "Julius Caesar in Egypt", rare in Italy but popular in the rest of Europe,and unsurprisingly so , being such a perfect fusion of dramatic action and musical inventivity. Companies tend no longer to meddle with casting, the days they substituted the counter tenors… Continue reading Giulio Cesare in Egitto ( Julius Caesar in Eygypt)

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I Masnadieri

On Monday evening I went to La Scala, to see what is the last opera for me before the summer break. It was Verdi's Masnadieri. The music was instantly attractive although I don't really like these strings of beautiful arias threaded together. What is worse, it encourages the audience to applaud after every one thus… Continue reading I Masnadieri

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Back to Brahms

On Friday, the Auditorium as usual. It was a terrible rush because there was a strike and I had to get to the Underground stop before 6 pm. Only just made it. The programme was entirely dedicated to Brahms, the third and the fourth and it drew a large audience. Judging by the applause everyone… Continue reading Back to Brahms

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Music and cold weather

On Sunday I went to Brugherio to listen to the last concert of this year's Antiquamodecia season. Baroque music in church; nice I thought the acoustics were good too. Although a longer concert would have been nice because the music was just so beautiful and familiar, the church was very cold so the short programe… Continue reading Music and cold weather


Music, music, music!

Oh what a great week music- wise! Friday evening to  La Scala to see Attila.It was spectacular, a real Scala-style production, pulling out all the stops!  They even had horses on stage and Attila sang seated fearlessly on the back of his charger. I enjoyed everything about it, direction, choir, singing. I've made a vow… Continue reading Music, music, music!

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Music and traffic

This Friday the traffic was  so bad I didn't even manage to get to the auditorium in time. I only just arrived in time for the second half, after the interval. I believe there had been an accident on one of the roads leading into Milan. The problem is, that once you are on the… Continue reading Music and traffic


Great music

Great music again last Friday at LaVerdi, this time Verdi's Requiem. They perform it every year around Remembrance day and it's fascinating  to compare how you remember last year's version with the one you are hearing now .You compare the interpretation of the conductor, the choir's performance, whether you thought last year's soloists were better… Continue reading Great music

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The consequences of Friday's (always Friday) strike, was that I had to go to Milan pretty early, which of course meant window shopping one of the most dangerous occupations that exist! I decided to walk from Duomo to  Largo Mahler where the Milan Auditorium stands and I'm glad I did because it was a lovely… Continue reading Strike!

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We are having a wonderful October here in Northern Italy. I KNOW I'm supposed to say it's unseasonably  hot, worry about global warming and so on...but I just want to let up for a moment or two and enjoy the sun, the garden sounds and smells. We never seem to be" in the moment". I'm… Continue reading October