My Diary, Trip

A tale of an abortive trip! – Continued …

Well, having got over the disappointment of not finding an Info point and certainly no hop-on hop-off buses we wend our way along a rather drab little street towards (hopefully) the town centre. On the way a pit stop for water and a beautifully drawn map of Pavia on the back of a small paper serviette thanks to the friendly barman! Now we can really get going. We arrive in front of an imposing hotchpotch of a building which must be the cathedral, but it’s closed, God’s out for lunch maybe? It’s all bumps and additions and carbuncles ,inside it must be quite fascinating : from the outside I can’t even begin to imagine what it’s like.

We walk round the corner and desperate to actually see something (anything),find an art gallery open, inside you’re confronted by talking heads! The deep burgundy background makes a wonderful backdrop for the figures , torsos and busts of “Genius loci” in this spazio arti contemporanee del broletto. These opere which at first glance are Greek- Roman perfection until you look closely and see they are distorted, crying for help. Stefano di Giusto’s sculptures of suffering and tribulation a kind of “memento mori” of the difficulty of being human. Honestly I didn’t really like them immediately, until two or three days later when I started to think about them a little less superficially and they’ve been with me ever since

Down Corso Strada nuova to the famous covered bridge decorated as usual with bunches of keys and locks. It must’ve been a locksmith who started the craze off because there’s no other reasonable or even unreasonable thinking behind all this,” I love you, here are the keys to my heart,Ok darling but what are the locks for?” Locks and keys, chastity belts that’s not very loving. No, I’m convinced that it was a locksmith, no lovers could be daft enough to think keys chains and locks could symbolise love, could they?

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