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A tale of an abortive trip! – The End.

targhetta informazioniAfter the exhibition, we rounded the corner and found the big red “i”  we had been looking for, so remember, in Pavia information is always just round the corner! So we set off to be tourists in earnest.

Off to the castle. And his lordship was out too!  Closed until 230!

IMG-20190809-WA0004IMG-20190809-WA0008There were two guys waiting outside so I started my rant about things always being closed in Italy and not tourist-friendly but I was ticked off gently by the men who were actually custodians. The castle is quite magnificent and beautifully kept. I was curious about the ugly striped tape surrounding the two huge trees.
Unfortunately the guardian didn’t know how old they were and we both agreed that the tape was both useless and an eyesore.
IMG-20190809-WA0010Now off to the basilica of San Pietro in ciel d’oro; hot, tired- footed then you step down into this shadowy cool symmetrical church and everything’s ok again. It has a wonderful colonnaded crypt.

After San Pietro which alone merits the journey, we went back to see if the Duomo IMG-20190809-WA0002was open, it was. What can I say? Go! Go again and again. All those bulbous excrecsences on the outside transform into rounded chapels and a huge dome. The light is incredible. We just stayed and breathed in the beauty,really there’s not much I would know how to say.

Before getting back on the train it was gelato-time and we found a prize- winning ice cream shop, world class! Fitting end to a world class day out.


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